Tuesday, 10 November 2015


On Thursday morning it was a beautiful day.Team 2 went to the Museum to study dinosaurs fossis.First We jumped in the bus and drove to the museum. Next we went to the Kai room to have  morning tea.Then our group went in the volcano.Then we went to look at the dinosaur bones.After that we went to the Weird and wild and we learnt about herbivore meat eaters and we looked at the stegosaurus plates and we got to hold the stegosaurus skull. Finally we went back to school on the bus and we sing songs all the way back.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Book review


On Thursday morning on a grey cloudy day room 25 made very fresh juice.And we made the juice out of kiwi/orange/Apples/and carrot.First Mrs Eadie chopped the fruit up.Next we got the fruit and put them into the machine.After that Mrs Eadie tipped the juice into each cup.Finally we got to drink it and it was delicious.