Friday, 30 June 2017


Today we learn about algebra patterns.

Bmx boy and the frosty man

Leaping into the deep blue ocean it feels like hitting something hard like a stick.2 On top of a mountain there was a little boy and a frosty man that made big massive bombs when the man jumped in the dark blue ocean he spinned sideways then he made a backflip into the water then he made a big fat splash then he flew backup onto the big mountain when he got back onto the mountain the boy was thinking how did he fly back on the mountain.PARAGRAPH 1
One sunny day there was a man that was standing on the edge of a huge big mountain one morning there was a bmx boy that was riding until he got to a big mountain where a old man was standing.When the bmx boy got to the mountain he ran up took of his T shirt ran up hopped into the big blue ocean and made a big bomb but when it was the god is turn he ran up and side flipped then he backflipped and made a big massive fat bomb after that big massive bomb the mountain started shaking then the bmx boy looked around well the god was hanging with his hands down facing the grass.When the god was hanging down he was shaking his head then he got backup and turned around then he started talking back to the boy well they were looking at the mountains on the other side of the big dark blue ocean filled with big huge fish.Then the god said thats your mum then the bmx boy said that was all me bro then the god started laughing hard out the he said let now go and eat the ice cream filled with chocolate sprinkles.But when the man said okay let's go eat all the choc-top with all the sprinkles on top.
But when it was god’s turn he jumped straight off the majestic cliff and made a graceful dive into the water like a fountain of spray but when he landed into the water he flew straight back up onto the massive mountain cliff where the cheeky bmx boy was standing but when the god landed hard onto his feet the rocky cliff was all wet.After he landed he shocked his head and turned around and looked to the massive mountains and said is that your mum then the bmx boy said na that was all me bro the the god started laughing then he said let's go eat all ice cream with all the sprinkles.

Powerfully when the god laded into the water quickly as soon as he landed into the water the water splash him back onto the rocky mountain.When he landed his hands were hanging down with his head shaking and looking down.After that the boy started talking back to god and asked are you god the god hardly said of course i am because i'm a old man.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


This week my math class have been learning about Tessellations.Tessellations are using 2D shapes so it can match with other shapes.To explore we have to click on a button to explore to the other towns of shape.Here is a picture of my 2D shape town.

Friday, 16 June 2017

kites day

On wensday we made kites out of thick paper and plastic straws.When we finished making our kites a moment later our teachers said we have to go and line up outside.When we got to the feild we had to sit down.After that we got to fly our kites when i got to fly my kites my kites almost ripped on the top.But when i was flying my kites i went and stood on the big park and put my kites out to the breezing wind coming from the dark blue sky.When i flew my kites for the first time i was so excited to fly my kites but when i flew my kites it got tangled into my hand then i try to untangle.Then when i finish untangling my kites i had a little break i finish having a break.When i finished my break i went and chased after mr moran when i finished chasing mr moran i went back onto the park and ran around with my kites before the last second was finished.When i finished flying my kites for the last second i ran back to class and my kites was flying up high into the air where the cold breezing wind was coming from.When my kites flew high up into the sky i was spinning like a helicopter choper.

Monday, 12 June 2017


Soaring through the sky i feel like superman crashing through the waves i feel like a dolphin.This experience is a feeling you only get every so often.Hopping over the waves butterflies fill my tummy.Spining and twiling through the air i show the suppoters all the tricks i am able to do i can hear cheering and sreaming from all my supporters.The hardest part of kitesurfing is packing up.Having to pull the kite in on a windy day is hard work.kitesurfing is such an incredibal sport.

Friday, 9 June 2017

ratational shapes

I have made a shape with 4 sides.

On tuesday  we went orienteering.We have to face our map to north and look at our map to try finding our way to the letters.When we found the letters we have to clip the number that says on every corse.When we’ve finished the first corse we have to go back to our coaches and get another map.When we’ve got our second map and our third map we have to do the same thing as we do to the first map When we’ve made a mistake we have to give back the map and they will tell us they will tell us again.Before we start orienteering Irien and Leon will give us a information.When we finish we will give back the paper and they will take a look at it then we will wait for our teachers instruction.


When we have done map one we get given another map and when we got our other map we will go and look for diffrent letters and what ever map we get we will still have the same paper if we have all made a  mistake on all of our papers we will all get a new paper to use so we can finish all our corses and if we go orienteering we each go outside for 40 minitues.    

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Today i have made a shape with two sides.This shape can also roll around on the road like a hacthing egg on a tree.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

reading summary

page 34

Then when the courtyard turned into a carnival of yellow bananars and battle standards just like when the lord crumble hosted a prop of tournament.The cobbles had been coverd by the thick layer of sqwadusts.Empty oak barrels.Lined up in a line to form two tracks at each end of the footman holding a jousting lances.They were twice as long as ba big battle lances.They were twice as rounded tips.With there shining wonderful new jousting super sheilds and feather toped feather helmet.