Wednesday, 4 July 2018

FiaFia Recount

On fiafia night we had a lot of fun in the rain everyone was soaking wet and they were freezing cold.First the Junior samoan group.When they finish there song some of the senior samoan group went up and done the manu samoa haka.After the haka we went down and waited for hours.Finally it was our turn when I went up i felt excited because when I went up all of these people started screaming straight after our dance we done the Toa Samoa haka after that we all went down and ended our dance.

Bucket Writing

My story is set where the bucket was.All of the animals came and drank some water out of the bucket.All of the flies the cows the bees the bull with the big horns and the donkey.In the story nearly all of the animals came and drank some of the water.The bucket was so full that when all of the animals came and drank it it went all the way down and the bucket was almost finished.  

Matariki Writing.

On matariki day we got split up Into different Rooms I got to go to the hall and play sport with mr moran and miss vaafusuaga When I went to my group I felt so happy because I knew that we were going to have fun.At the beginning of the  matariki day we had a lot of fun.First we played dodgeball then we played a game where everyone has to run through  the middle of the hall then if anyone get hit with the ball the they have to sit out and wait for the the round.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Sky diving recount

On January I went skydiving with my friend where the sea and where all the snow Is.Why I did it is because i felt board.On that day I thought of my friend Kitione. When we went skydiving I was the first one to jump of the plane.When I jumped off I felt like i was flying through a jungle.When my friend jumped off my friend was shouting and he said It feels like I'm eating cotton candy clouds.Suddenly my parachute set out when It set out I got frightened.When it set out my friend said to me ua okay oe and I then I said yes to him then when his parachute set out he was acting like he was going to land In the pond and I was laughing at him well he was shouting.But then suddenly I landed In the pond and my friend started laughing hard out and I was cracking it In the pond.Well my friend was laughing he almost detached his parachute Into the freezing cold pool.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

John narrative writing.

In the forest there lived three legendary Hero one was named super climber one was named Tarzan and one was named the sniper.One day they went out hunting and that they on they found a deer,but the problem was sniper forgot his gun.So then they thought of an idea.So then Tarzan told supercimber to climb up the tree and set a bobby trap so when the deer runs past that tree it can get pulled up.But the solution the next day they went back to check on the deer and the deer wasn’t there so later on that day they had nothing to eat.

The next morning they built a sailing boat out of tree branches And they sailed across the sea to go find some fish to eat.After ate they went saw enemies ahead so then they got the snipers and the knife's ready after they killed them they lived happily ever after.

Today we had to show what we can write in forty minute to write without talking to other.we were able to work quietly to complete the task.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Wednesday, 23 May 2018