Thursday, 26 October 2017



racing recount

In the morning our class snecked outside into the cloudy day and had some races.In our race our teacher will see who are the top four if anybody comes first second third or forth they get to go to the finals.Well I was sitting and waiting for my turn I was feeling nervous and sitting on the concrete was the hardest to sit on it like I was sitting on medal.when it came to my turn I was so nervous but when I started running I came first.

In the finals we had a crab race boys vs girls and mr Moran played and I crawled as fast as I called and I cheated so then I said I was the winner and mr moran started to laugh because i cheated before i got  to the finish line.

Friday, 20 October 2017

assembly writing

At immersion assembly mr burt,mr J,and mrs Nua sang a song it was called musical madness.After their song mr J told a story about Jimmy.After mr J

Told us a story about Jimmy we watched the the city sails pipe.After we watched the city sails pipe we watched team is movie team one is movie is all about playing cards and listening  to music and fighting over the cards.After we watched team one is movie we watched team two is movie team two is movie is all about playing music with ucallaies.After we watched team two is movie watched team 3 is three is movie is all about talking in music and going beach and going shopping.