Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Term 2 Reflection

 In term 2 it was pretty much a rollercoaster here are some of the things we did in term 2,

. Fiafia

. Rugby
. Yr8 Camp
.  Disco

I believe my 3 highlights for the term were year 8 camp, fiafia, and rugby. One reason why I loved year 8 camp was because I got to experience what it feels like to do something I have never done before, for e.g. I went on the flying fox and that was like 20 feet off the ground. Another highlight of the term was Fiafia. In wk5 the whole of P.E.S had a fiafia night. A fiafia night is where each group comes onto stage and they get to show off their culture on stage in front of hundreds of people, so for e.g. I was in the Samoan group and we had to do lot of practices so we can go on stage and show of a part of our culture. . My last highlight was Rugby. Rugby was a huge part of the term because most of the Wednesdays we were lucky to go play against other schools in Auckland, for e.g. I was playing wing so we had to do lots of training during lunch time. So there you go these are my 3 highlights of the term.

Monday, 5 July 2021

Introduction Time


                                                        -Task Description-
                               Today I made a post about introduction time.

Speech About Writing

 William Webb Ellis

William Webb Ellis, was the man who invented rugby. William Webb Ellis was the inventor of rugby football while a pupil at Rugby School. Rugby is said to have originated at Rugby School in Warwickshire, England, in 1823.  According to legend, Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran with it during a school football match in 1823.  Although there is very little evidence  about this man, the rugby world cup is now named after William  Webb Ellis.

-Task Description-
Today I made a speech about William Webb Ellis which was the man who made rugby. The reason why I choose to make a speech about rugby was because, rugby is my most favourite sport.