Friday, 30 June 2017

Bmx boy and the frosty man

Leaping into the deep blue ocean it feels like hitting something hard like a stick.2 On top of a mountain there was a little boy and a frosty man that made big massive bombs when the man jumped in the dark blue ocean he spinned sideways then he made a backflip into the water then he made a big fat splash then he flew backup onto the big mountain when he got back onto the mountain the boy was thinking how did he fly back on the mountain.PARAGRAPH 1
One sunny day there was a man that was standing on the edge of a huge big mountain one morning there was a bmx boy that was riding until he got to a big mountain where a old man was standing.When the bmx boy got to the mountain he ran up took of his T shirt ran up hopped into the big blue ocean and made a big bomb but when it was the god is turn he ran up and side flipped then he backflipped and made a big massive fat bomb after that big massive bomb the mountain started shaking then the bmx boy looked around well the god was hanging with his hands down facing the grass.When the god was hanging down he was shaking his head then he got backup and turned around then he started talking back to the boy well they were looking at the mountains on the other side of the big dark blue ocean filled with big huge fish.Then the god said thats your mum then the bmx boy said that was all me bro then the god started laughing hard out the he said let now go and eat the ice cream filled with chocolate sprinkles.But when the man said okay let's go eat all the choc-top with all the sprinkles on top.
But when it was god’s turn he jumped straight off the majestic cliff and made a graceful dive into the water like a fountain of spray but when he landed into the water he flew straight back up onto the massive mountain cliff where the cheeky bmx boy was standing but when the god landed hard onto his feet the rocky cliff was all wet.After he landed he shocked his head and turned around and looked to the massive mountains and said is that your mum then the bmx boy said na that was all me bro the the god started laughing then he said let's go eat all ice cream with all the sprinkles.

Powerfully when the god laded into the water quickly as soon as he landed into the water the water splash him back onto the rocky mountain.When he landed his hands were hanging down with his head shaking and looking down.After that the boy started talking back to god and asked are you god the god hardly said of course i am because i'm a old man.

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